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WebRoot IdentityShield

Webroot SecureAnywhere Identity Shield Helps Protect Your Business PCs

We’re committed to helping provide your business with a safe online experience, whether you’re banking with Union Bank or transacting elsewhere on the web. That’s why we offer you Webroot SecureAnywhere Identity Shield security software at no cost.

Keep Your Information Secure
In addition to our extensive security tools built into online banking, Webroot SecureAnywhere Identity Shield helps protect your PCs from Internet fraud whenever you provide or view information while banking online and when visiting other secure websites. While you may have antivirus software installed on your computer, that software may protect your computer from viruses, Webroot SecureAnywhere Identity Shield also protects against phishing scams and malicious software such as Trojans.

Benefits of Webroot SecureAnywhere Identity Shield
  • Helps protect your identity and user credentials, such as passwords and account numbers
  • Helps protect your personal information against threats such as keystroke logging, screen grabbing, session hijacking, malicious software and more when you are on secure (https) websites
  • Warns you if you try to enter a phishing site or harmful website
  • Performs health checks, alerts you to gaps in your PC's security, and tells you how to fix them*
  • Is easy to use and takes just minutes to download*
* Note: The Webroot SecureAnywhere Identity Shield software detects malware, but it does not remove the malware. You can purchase malware-removal software from Webroot.

Our Use of Important Webroot Information
In our continuing effort to improve your security when you bank with us online, Union Bank may obtain from Webroot aggregated information relating to security threats on the computers across all customers who have installed the software. This information is important in helping us monitor and identify these threats. In downloading and installing the Webroot software, you authorize Webroot to disclose this aggregated information to Union Bank, and you consent to our receipt and use of the information as specified above.

By selecting "Download Webroot SecureAnywhere Identity Shield", you are leaving the Union Bank website and launching a software installation program from the Webroot website. Webroot has sole responsibility for the content and services offered on its website and establishes its own terms and conditions of use. Union Bank is not responsible, nor does it guarantee or warrant, the content, services, or results associated with this product. Contact Webroot Support about any problems, questions, or concerns related to Webroot products.

Download Webroot SecureAnywhere Identity Shield

Webroot is a leading provider of Internet security for consumers and businesses worldwide. Webroot specializes in Internet and PC security targeting multiple facets of cyber-crime with products and services that can help provide protection beyond that offered by conventional antivirus software.

Webroot SecureAnywhere Identity Shield is compatible with:
  • Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP, 32, and 64 bit
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (versions 7 and higher), Mozilla Firefox version 3.6 and higher (32-bit), Google Chrome 10 or higher, and Opera 9 or higher (32-bit)
Mac is not supported.

Webroot SecureAnywhere Identity Shield Features
•  No cost to Union Bank customers
•  Helps safeguard information
•  Complements other security software
•  Updates automatically