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Protect yourself and your computer from fraudulent activity

Small Business Secure Online Banking

We invest in technology and processes to ensure a secure electronic environment for all of your financial transactions, data transmissions, and communications. However, online security and protection of your business’s sensitive information is a team effort. That’s why we recommend you take steps to shield your business and your computer from attempts to obtain your sensitive information electronically:
  • Never respond to, click any link in, or open an attachment in an email that requests information about you or your accounts. Union Bank never makes such requests. If you accidentally click or respond to such requests, contact us immediately.
  • You and your staff should never share user IDs or passwords with anyone.
  • Do not send or receive sensitive or account information by unsecure or unencrypted email.
  • Create Effective Passwords. They are an essential first line of defense in protecting your business and your business information.
  • Be on the alert for Phishing, a process in which fraudsters try to commit fraud through illegitimate emails, text messages, and instant messages.
  • Install email filters to limit exposure to phishing and malicious software downloads through opened emails.
  • Be on the lookout for popups that ask you to submit your User ID, password, phone number or other confidential information. These are online fraud attempts. Please remember to call us when something doesn't 'feel right'.
  • Use anti-malware detection and removal software, and regularly update it. Consider data-leakage protection software, which informs you if sensitive data is leaving your network.
  • Add a new layer of security to your computer with Free Webroot Security Software.
  • Teach your staff the basics of online security.
  • Use online banking to check your account balance and transactions regularly. Notify us immediately of unexpected account activity.
  • Limit web browsing and social media visits from your business computer or network.
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