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Online Bill Pay

Paying your bills just got easier

Online Bill Pay

No one likes to pay bills. But free Online Bill Pay###DISCLAIMER:2_0 Free Online SB 2### takes away some of the hassle of making payments. It's a virtual accounts payable clerk. 
Compare the benefits of Online Bill Pay versus writing checks:  
Online Bill PayWriting Checks
CostNo cost for Online Bill Pay.###DISCLAIMER:2_0 Free Online SB 2###Checks, stamps, envelopes, trips to the post office, time reconciling payments.
Speed of PaymentsMore than 75% of all online payments are sent electronically and arrive in 2 business days.###DISCLAIMER:2_0 Online Payments###Mail can take up to 5 business days.
Record KeepingPayments logged automatically to view online anytime.Manual entry of payments on check registers.
Payment StatusView status of payments online. Quickly verify when your payment is paid.Requires a phone call or monthly statement to verify.
Check WritingSet up payees once. Pay as often as needed.Write and track checks every time they are due.
Scheduling PaymentsSchedule payments in advance to arrive on time. Set up recurring payments.Write each check individually and calculate when to mail it so it arrives on time.
Payment Deadline11:45 p.m. (Pacific Time) each business day.Last mail pickup by the U.S. Post Office or overnight delivery service.
SecurityPassword-protected sign-on with multiple layers of security.Risk of checks getting stolen or lost in the mail.
Keep in mind that with Online Bill Pay, an invoice number can be printed on a mailed check, just as it can be written on a paper check.
Online Bill Pay is easy to set up. Simply sign on to Internet Business Banking, then select Schedule Payments to get started.
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