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Business OptionsLine

Have cash available for your business when you need it

Small Business Business Options Line

Every business needs a reliable source of cash for immediate needs like working capital, seasonal purchases, new inventory, trade discounts, or carrying accounts receivable. Business OptionsLineSM is a flexible line of credit that allows you to convert some or all of your outstanding balance to a fixed-rate, fixed-term loan.###DISCLAIMER:2_0 Good Faith Financing###,###DISCLAIMER:2_0 Partial Conversion### With Business OptionsLine, you’ve got:
  • Control -- Convert an outstanding balance to a fixed-term loan and lock in a fixed interest rate and monthly payment that fit your budget
  • Flexibility -- Use the collateral option that's right for your business: unsecured, UCC secured, residential property, or commercial property
  • Instant, Convenient Access to Cash -- Write a check or transfer funds online for $500 or more through Internet Business Banking
  • Streamlined Accounting -- Simplify monthly accounting with automatic payments from your Union Bank Business Checking account
Talk to your Union Bank business banker for additional information.
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