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Get your working capital to work for you

Leverage Account Balances to Receive Earnings Credits

If your business has large account balances and a high volume of transaction activity, or if it utilizes treasury management services, Union Bank analyzed checking accounts are a cost-effective way to help maximize your funds to offset monthly service fees.

Analyzed Checking
Features Benefits
Receive earnings credits based on your account balances
  • Apply earnings credits to reduce service charges
  • Save more with greater balances
Link multiple accounts to a master account
  • Combine balance totals to increase earnings credits
  • Minimize activity fees
Receive analyzed account statements
  • Combine activity for treasury management services, checks written, items deposited, and other banking services in one detailed statement of activity
Easily access statements online in a secure, password-protected environment
  • Enhance recordkeeping with detailed account analysis statements stored electronically for up to 7 years
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