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Simplify Your Payroll Process with Paychex

Payroll solutions to fit your business needs

Simplify Your Payroll Process with Paychex

Union Bank has partnered with Paychex,###DISCLAIMER:2_0 Paychex### a leading provider of payroll, human resource, and employee services to offer you a full-service payroll solution. An outsourced payroll solution can save time in payroll administration and provide the expert help you need in meeting your payroll tax compliance responsibilities. Local Paychex specialists customize the best payroll solution for your business and are dedicated to your account.
Features and Benefits Include:
  • Anytime access — Receive 24/7 access to payroll reports, either online or through the Paychex Mobile App for Smartphones.
  • Filing and paying of taxes — Calculate and remit federal, state, and most local taxes each pay period.
  • Tax return filing — File quarterly and annual payroll tax returns with appropriate agencies.
  • Additional government filing services — Manage state unemployment claims, workers’ compensation insurance payments and calculation and payment of wage garnishments.
  • Automatic new hire reporting — Automatically send new hire information to government agencies.
  • Employee time management system — Automate collection of time and employee attendance.
  • Employee access — Provide employees access to pay stubs and W2s, both online and through the Paychex mobile app.
  • Direct deposit or printed checks — Offer employees the opportunity to have payroll checks directly deposited into their bank accounts or receive printed checks.
  • HR tools and resources — Get answers to questions on the HR & Benefits Essentials Website and order labor compliance materials.
  • Background checks — Conduct background checks for pre-employment screening purposes.
  • Comprehensive reports — Access a portfolio of 140 management reports including online access to payroll reports for your CPA. Export payroll data directly into the general ledger of popular accounting software programs.
  • Customer service — A Paychex payroll specialist dedicated to your account.
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