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Simplify Your Payroll Process with Paychex

Payroll Solutions

Simplify Your Payroll Process with Paychex

Union Bank has partnered with Paychex,###DISCLAIMER:2_0 Paychex### a leading provider of payroll, human resource, and employee services to offer you a full-service payroll solution. An outsourced payroll solution can save time in payroll administration and provide the expert help you need in meeting your payroll tax compliance responsibilities. Local Paychex specialists customize the best payroll solution for your business and are dedicated to your account.

Paychex is ideal for customers who want a payroll expert to manage and run their payroll.

Features and Benefits Include:
  • Dedicated customer service and support — A local Paychex payroll specialist dedicated to your account.
  • Anytime access via online or mobile apps — Employer access to start, edit & submit payroll. Employee access to view check stubs and W2s.
  • Auto tax filing and pay — Automated, electronic tax payment & payroll tax return filing services.
  • Direct deposit and employee pay options — Offer employees options to have payroll checks via direct deposit or printed checks.
  • New hire reporting — Automate reporting requirements for newly hired and rehired employees.
  • Workers’ compensation report — Compiles a report of workers' compensation information, using actual wages for each classification code throughout the policy, helping to manage cash flow.
  • Additional government filing services — Manage state unemployment claims, and calculation and payment of wage garnishments.
  • Comprehensive reports — Anytime access to reports & ability to import reports to accounting software.
  • HR tools and resources — Get answers to questions on the HR Online Library, order labor compliance materials, and monitor employee benefits such as 401(k) contributions, health insurance deductions and paid time off accruals.

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