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InstaTax® service through Union Bank®

InstaTax® Service Through Union Bank®

Discover how quick and easy it is to pay all of your federal and state taxes electronically. InstaTax###DISCLAIMER:2_0 All About Business - Fee Schedule### provides you with a secure and convenient way to select all your tax authorities and submit payments without checks and payment coupons. To enroll in the InstaTax service and get started, contact your business banker or your branch.

What to Expect Once You've Enrolled
You will receive your InstaTax access code and Personal Identification Number (PIN) in approximately two weeks under separate cover. Once you receive this information, you may begin using the InstaTax service.

Note: For state tax payments, you must first be enrolled in the Electronic Funds Transfer program with the state agency.

Questions? Call InstaTax Customer Service at 1-800-396-1143.
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