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Small Business Global Foreign Exchange

Does your company need solutions for managing payables and receivables in foreign currencies? If so, Union Bank is a leader in providing customized foreign exchange services to businesses like yours. Our solutions include:
  • Foreign Currency Wires — Initiate and receive international payments easily and cost-effectively
  • Market Updates — Enhance foreign exchange strategic planning using our insights into world markets
  • Foreign Exchange Risk Management###DISCLAIMER:2_0 Global Foreign Exchange - SB 2### — Develop an effective foreign exchange hedging strategy to help reduce currency fluctuations
  • Foreign Currency Accounts###DISCLAIMER:2_0 Global Foreign Exchange - SB 3### — Open an account where payments can be made and received in a foreign currency to avoid unnecessary conversions and reduce costs
Our dedicated Foreign Exchange Specialists can help you:
  • Make and collect international payments in foreign currency instead of U.S. dollars
  • Optimize cash flow and manage exchange rate fluctuations in unpredictable markets
  • Understand more efficient and more profitable ways of managing payables and receivables through foreign currency management and hedging strategies
For more information, call a Union Bank Foreign Exchange Specialist at 1-866-868-4034.

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