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Increase international sales opportunities

Small Business Export Services

Union Bank Global Trade Advisors will help you properly structure your incoming Export Letters of Credit from your buyers overseas.

Export Letters of Credit
Export Letters of Credit###DISCLAIMER:2_0 Financing SB - Letters of Credit### provide you with a high level of assurance that you will be paid for the goods and services you sell to your overseas buyers. An Export Letter of Credit represents a financial commitment by your buyer's bank to pay you through Union Bank and offers:

  • Greater payment assurance since documents are presented to Union Bank to be preexamined for full compliance
  • Assurance of payment because the issuing bank's creditworthiness is substituted for the buyer's creditworthiness
  • Minimized payment risks with confirmations from Union Bank
Global Trade Services on the Web
Manage Export Letters of Credit using the Union Bank web portal:  
  • Receive timely notification of Letters of Credit, amendments, discrepancies, and payment disbursements 
  • Increase efficiency when you have multiple trade transactions each month
  • Improve oversight of your transactions with current and historical information and reports

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