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HEARD Presents: Women, Wealth and Health Virtual Event

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At The Private Bank, every client relationship starts with listening. Our new platform, HEARD, reinforces this commitment by providing an online experience tailored to women. HEARD was created to engage with and listen to women to better understand their unique financial needs and explore important financial topics based on every life stage. We are also proud to be able to host events that are aligned with this commitment.

The 2020 HEARD virtual event – Women, Wealth, and Health: Connecting Well-Being & Philanthropy in the Age of COVID – was held in October and featured panelists on the forefront of health and philanthropy including Dr. Eric Verdin, President and CEO of the Buck Institute for Research on Aging; Susan M. Kaech, PhD, professor and director for The Salk Institute for Biological Studies; and Jennifer Alcorn, deputy director, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

The event was hosted by The Private Bank’s Lisa Roberts, Head of Private Wealth, and moderated by Margaret Reid, Senior Portfolio Manager, and covered several topics at the intersection of wealth and health including:

  • The science on aging and immunity, with an emphasis on women’s health
  • The link between well-being and the greater societal and scientific needs amidst the pandemic
  • How and why philanthropic organizations are engaging female donors
  • How to align your charitable goals with greater health-related philanthropic efforts and your overall financial plan

“We know women in particular have a strong passion to make a philanthropic impact and are also increasingly focused on how to live healthier, longer lives,” Margaret Reid said in her introductory remarks.   

“[For giving] women will often ask us, ‘OK, what’s my plan? What’s my journey?’” said Jennifer Alcorn, deputy director of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

“And we say ‘start now!”’

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