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Are you in the market for a home or considering a refinance of your existing home?

The KP Advantage Affinity Mortgage Program1 at Union Bank® opens the door to special pricing, discounts and innovative home loan programs. And it's backed by skilled personal service—ensuring you have an exceptional experience every step of the way.

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Jered Barger

Jered Barger
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Exclusive Discounts

Reduced Rates

Enjoy a 0.125% discount off standard rates2

Reduced Points

Receive a 0.500% discount off standard loan origination points on Conforming saleable loans. Auto pay from a UB account is required.4

Reduced Fees

Receive a $250 discount off the lender fees3

Please see important information below on the terms of this offer.

More Purchasing Power

Choose from an array of loan programs designed to satisfy a variety of individual financial objectives. Affinity Mortgage Program choices include:

Jumbo loans up to $5 million
For higher loan amounts, we offer jumbo fixed-rate, amortizing adjustable-rate, and interest-only adjustable-rate portfolio loans to help maximize cash flow.5

Conforming loans up to $679,650
We offer conforming fixed-rate and adjustable-rate mortgages6 with a variety of loan terms as well as jumbo loan limits in high-cost CA counties.

Union Bank helps make home ownership a reality—whether you're looking for a starter home or the home of your dreams.

Union Bank Advantage

Rely on Union Bank for the help you need every step of the way. With our team of skilled professionals and streamlined underwriting process, we can help you navigate every aspect of the mortgage approval process easily and efficiently— from application through on-time closing. We've earned our reputation as a leading mortgage lender with:

Exceptional service

Our Mortgage Consultants have one goal: helping you make your homeownership dreams a reality.

A bank you can trust

MUFG Union Bank, N.A., is a full-service bank with over 300+ locations across CA, OR and WA—providing outstanding corporate, commercial and retail banking and wealth management solutions for our customers.

Thank you for your interest in obtaining a home loan through the KP Affinity Mortgage Program.

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Important Information

Loans subject to credit and collateral approval. Financing available for collateral located in CA, OR and WA. Restrictions may apply. Terms and conditions subject to change.

1 The KP Advantage Affinity Mortgage program is available to employees of Kaiser for purchase and no cash-out refinance transactions on primary residences (SFR, condominium, and PUDs only) located in CA, OR and WA. Borrowers may only have one active loan (or 1st and 2nd combination) under this program. Additional mortgage loans are available but must be originated under standard guidelines and pricing. Discounts and features available on Conforming Saleable, HomeReady® and Portfolio Program mortgage loans only. Discounts and features do not apply to Jumbo Saleable, Economic Opportunity Mortgage®, FHA or VA loans. On 1-unit properties, loan amounts up to $5,000,000 available on Portfolio Program loans, and up to $679,650 in certain high-cost CA counties on Conforming Saleable programs. Mortgage insurance is required for Conforming Saleable (including Jumbo) and Portfolio (nonphysician) loans exceeding 80% LTV. Certain terms and conditions apply, including minimum credit scores and reserve requirements, and impact the amount that can be borrowed and the interest rate/APR that you will pay. Consult your Union Bank Mortgage Consultant for additional details. A non-refundable $550 application fee is required. Borrower is responsible for paying other third party fees (appraisal, title insurance, recording, floodhazard determination, etc.) and closing costs at loan closing.

2 The 0.125% rate discount on Portfolio programs requires the borrower to elect Auto Pay from a Union Bank checking or savings account prior to loan closing.

3 The $250 discount is deducted from lender fees.

4 The 0.500% discount off our standard loan origination points applies to Conforming Fixed-Rate loans, Conforming ARMs, Conforming Jumbo loans and HomeReady® loans, and requires Auto Pay from a Union Bank checking or savings account prior to loan closing.

Example: For a $350,000 Conforming Fixed-Rate loan, if the standard loan origination points were 1.000%, under this Program you would pay 0.500% points or $1,750.

5 For Jumbo Portfolio Program Mortgage loans: Minimum credit score and reserve requirements apply and impact the amount that can be borrowed and the interest rate/APR that borrowers will pay. With an interest-only mortgage payment, you will not pay down the loan's principal balance during the interest-only period. Once the interest-only period ends, your payments will increase to pay back the loan's principal and interest. Rates are subject to increase over the life of the loan. Contact your Mortgage Consultant to determine what your payments might be once the interest-only period ends.

6 For adjustable-rate loans, the interest rate can increase after consummation and your payments would increase.

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