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Homeowners Association Services

Important details to keep in mind while preparing for your busy season and end-of-year activities.

Busy season checklist

☐ Send your Homeowner Validation Files
hese files are crucial to ensuring that your homeowner payments are posted correctly and in a timely manner. If we do not receive a validation file to match homeowner payments, it may impact our ability to process a payment and cause payments to be rejected.

☐ Send your ACH report changes
Communicate timely updates for this report to ensure that the appropriate amount is drafted out of your homeowner accounts correctly. All changes should be received by the first of the month to ensure changes are completed by the draft date. Please email your report updates to

☐ Send your annual HOA updates early
Beat the rush of increased volumes by sending your requests early for:
• New accounts
• Closures
• Signature card updates
• Automated transfers
• Member updates

☐ Contact us through the Customer Service phone system. In order to expedite your call, please note the options below:
• Homeowners password reset or online payments assistance – 1-800-836-5184
• Management company Depository or Account Maintenance support – 1-888-705-0600, Option 2
• Management company Lockbox processing support – 1-888-237-0182

Note: The Union Bank® customer service team is only able to answer homeowner questions about online payments that are originated through our HOA Services site. We do not have access to your accounting system. All other payment questions should be directed to you, the management company. 

☐ Submit inquiries and transaction requests
Send non-sensitive inquiries (e.g., branch locations and service hours) to:
• Depository research/inquiries and account maintenance Email:
• Lockbox Processing research/inquiries Email:

☐ Send sensitive/critical transaction requests through our Financial Center Secure Message system
Sign on to the Financial Center through the Union Bank website to access and submit an inquiry using the Secure Message system. You can send sensitive/critical transaction requests (e.g., check copies, cashier checks, transfers, new account requests, and signature card updates) via secure message.

☐ Complete your Commercial Customer Service (CCS) Agreement form
Instead of answering security questions to authenticate your account, you can register for a PIN and use it for identity confirmation. To receive a form, please submit a request via Financial Center secure message.

☐ Place coupon orders
If you have not done so already, now is the time to place your coupon orders for next year in order to prevent errors, rejects, processing delays, and increased No Doc volumes. Please send coupon order requests via email to

☐ Remind your homeowners who use our Online Payment channel to keep login passwords active and update recurring payment information

☐ Your HOA System Migration in 2020
Due to improvements in processing technology, the legacy Union Bank® solutions you have been using will be sunset by the end of 2020. We recently sent an email to your primary contact for the bank about your company’s migration to the HOA Services platform in the coming year.

Your Relationship Manager will be in contact with you to inform you about the timing of your migration, training, and homeowner communications.

Download a PDF version of the Busy Season Checklist for Management Companies