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Homeowners Association Services

Important details to keep in mind while preparing for your busy season and end-of-year activities.

Busy season checklist for management companies

☐ Recommend ACH and online payments to homeowners to reduce call volumes 
Posting of mailed check payments are frequently late due post office delivery delays. You can recommend homeowners choose ACH and online payments because they post faster. In addition, you benefit because these payments are typically easier for you to manage.

☐ New Accounts: Remember Your Requirements Changed 
Board contact information is now required for new accounts. Please contact your Relationship Manager if you need more information.

☐ Authentication Requirements for Cashier Checks 
When requesting cashier checks, we need to authenticate these requests (including check details and security questions) with authorized individuals. Please ensure your authorizers (e.g., board member, management company contracting officer) are available for call-back when you submit requests.

☐ Reduce Mis-Applied Payments

  1. Create and communicate your HOA payment link(s) for your management company and association websites
    You can create unique payment URLs for each of your associations that pre-fill the homeowner association information into our online payment system. This enables each homeowner to make payments to the correct association. Please contact your Relationship Manager for more information.
  2. Maintain and send your Homeowner Validation Files
    These files are crucial to ensuring that your homeowner payments are posted correctly and in a timely manner. If we do not receive a validation file to match homeowner payments, it may impact our ability to process payments and cause payments to be rejected.

    Your validation file can be used to authenticate online e-check and credit cardMissing content item. payments.
    • Upload files – Upload your homeowner files systematically through your accounting software or manually through HOA Services (log in to, hover over the Payment Center tab, and choose Blocked Homeowner File Upload and Homeowner File Upload). Refer to the Homeowner Validation and Stop File Formats in the Document Library under Initial Customer Setup.
    • Update manually – If your accounting software cannot easily produce a validation file or be submitted on a regular basis, you can manually enter all homeowner data and maintain as necessary within the HOA Platform. Go to the Support Center and choose the Maintenance tab. Then select Homeowner File Maintenance. Contact your Relationship Manager to help you determine the best way to provide a Homeowner Validation File.

☐ Send your annual HOA updates early
Beat the rush of increased volumes, by sending your requests early for:
•    New accounts
•    Closures
•    Signature card updates
•    Automated transfers

☐ Place coupon orders
If you have not done so already, now is the time to place your coupon orders for next year. To prevent errors, rejects, processing delays, and increased No Doc volumes, email a sample coupon to your Relationship Manager for testing.

☐ Submit inquiries through the online support ticket system
Our support ticket system efficiently routes your inquiry to the appropriate customer service specialist for processing. Tracking information is also available to provide you with the status of your request. Please remember to select the correct ticket type.
To create a Support Ticket:
•    Sign on to the Support Center
•    Hover over the Support tab across the top navigation bar
•    Click on Ticket Dashboard
•    Click on the New Ticket button

☐ Check your secure messages routinely
Access important communications through this secure channel

☐ Complete your Commercial Customer Service (CCS) 
Agreement form
Instead of answering security questions to authenticate your account, you can register for a PIN and use it for identity confirmation. The CCS Agreement is available in the Support Center in the Miscellaneous section under Resources/Document Library

☐ Contact us through the Customer Service phone system, 888-705-0600. 
To expedite your call, please note the options below:
Option 1 – Homeowners needing assistance with password resets or online payment
Option 2 – Management company representative support. From this sub-menu, you may choose one of the following options:
•    Option 1 – ACH Specialist
•    Option 2 – HOA Customer Service
Option 3 – Self-service for your Union Bank® account

Note: The Union Bank customer service team is only able to answer homeowner questions about online payments that are originated through our HOA Services site. We do not have access to your accounting system. All other payment questions should be directed to you, the management company.

Download a PDF version of the Busy Season Reference Guide for Homeowners

Download a PDF version of the Busy Season Checklist for Management Companies