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Risk Management with The Private Bank

A comprehensive approach to risk management

Effective risk management is essential to long-term growth and profitability.  Feel confident about the future of your wealth with our customized solutions.

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Comprehensive risk management strategies

Whether you need insurance solutions for asset protection or estate-planning, or need to manage risks associated with fluctuations in foreign currency or interest rates, your team will present potential hedging solutions with your unique needs in mind.

Insurance solutions

Your insurance program should protect your estate and preserve your wealth for future generations.  If you need insurance for estate or financial planning or for business or personal protection, a UnionBanc Insurance Services Financial Advisor will help create a plan, then provide convenient access to the coverage you need.

  • Life insurance: An essential foundation for building your financial and estate plan

  • Long-term care insurance: As life expectancy increases, protect yourself from possible long-term care expenses

  • Policy reviews: Periodically review your plan to ensure you have the right coverage at the right price

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Global solutions from a local partner

Exposure to foreign currencies can have a marked impact on your international transactions.  By using effective strategies to manage foreign exchange, you can help mitigate risks and expand opportunities. Our foreign exchange specialists can discuss risk factors and hedging strategies  to meet your international needs. 

Interest rate risk management

Unpredictable changes in interest rates can adversely impact liquidity, income, and asset values. To help mitigate these risks, Union Bank offers a range of hedging strategies, and instruments available on SOFR, Prime, Fed Funds, SIFMA, and other major indices.  In every case, our specialists will help develop individualized solutions.  

  • Swaps

  • Caps

  • Floors

  • Collars

  • Swaptions

  • Cross-currency swaps

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Market-Linked Certificates of Deposit

Market-Linked CDs, offered through UnionBanc Investment Services, provide the potential for returns based on the performance of a market measure, such as an equity or commodities index. Market-Linked CDs are 100% principal protected in both rising and falling markets when held to maturity, subject to the creditworthiness of the offering bank.

Features & risks of Market-Linked CDs


FDIC Protection: Only the Market-Linked CD principal is insured up to the applicable FDIC limit per account holder at the offering bank. Any investment in a Market-Linked CD that exceeds the applicable FDIC limit per account holder is subject to the creditworthiness of the offering bank. It is the responsibility of the investor to consider the total deposits held with the offering bank when reviewing for FDIC coverage.

Deposit Protection: Investors receive a minimum of 100% of the Market-Linked CD’s principal when the investment is held to maturity, subject to the creditworthiness of the offering bank for investors who hold more than the applicable FDIC insurance limits.

Minimum Investment

A $4,000 minimum investment is required and may be increased in increments of $1,000 until the offering closes.


While certain Market-Linked CDs pay a minimum return at maturity even if the underlying market measure declines, the payment at maturity may yield a return that is less than that of a traditional certificate of deposit or debt instrument of a comparable maturity. There may be no periodic income. Investors with current income needs should generally not invest in Market-Linked CDs.


Some Market-Linked CDs have limited liquidity; there is no secondary market. Early redemptions may be allowed after a holding period but may be subject to penalties and may result in a loss of principal. There is no guarantee that early redemptions will be allowed for every issue. Any losses incurred due to the sale or early redemption, if allowed, prior to maturity are not FDIC insured. Funds needed prior to maturity should not be invested in a Market-Linked CD.


Investments in Market-Linked CDs are not suitable for all investors, especially those needing liquidity or income prior to maturity. Prior to investing, investors should discuss all their liquidity and income needs with their UnionBanc Investment Services Financial Advisor and their legal and tax advisors.


This is not a traditional Certificate of Deposit and may have features that are not suitable for all investors. Market-Linked CDs are offered with disclosure statement(s) and supplement(s). Prior to making an investment decision, investors should carefully read the offering bank’s disclosure statements and any applicable disclosure supplements for the specific Market-Linked CD, as these documents provide important information and discuss the various terms, conditions and risks applicable to the specific Market-Linked CD they are interested in purchasing. The historical or hypothetical historical performance of a market measure is not an indication of future performance.

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