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Answering Your Top Wealth Management Questions

Wealth Management Webinar - February 2021

In February 2021, experts from The Private Bank sat down to discuss the wealth management questions most frequently asked by our female clients. Co-hosted by Lisa Roberts and Candice Nakagawa, this informative event included important considerations across the following areas:

  • Estate planning and wealth transfer considerations for women
  • How to raise more financially savvy kids
  • Why planning for long-term care is so important for women
  • Retirement challenges that are unique to women and how to overcome them

Excerpts from the event are provided below, which include insights from our panelists Charity Falls, Head of Wealth Planning, and Margaret Reid, Senior Portfolio Manager.

Educating children about charitable giving

What are some good ways to educate your children about your charitable intentions? Margaret Reid discusses the importance of including children in charitable giving discussions at an early age.

Teaching children to be responsible with wealth

A key challenge for wealthy families can be instilling the responsibility that comes with wealth in their children. Margaret Reid shares her thoughts on age-appropriate financial discussions and activities to help set your children up for success.

Leaving your estate to your children

There are several key considerations when leaving your estate to your children. Margaret Reid discusses several options to ensure a smooth process.

Key estate planning issues

Estate planning can be complex and have significant impacts on family wealth. Listen as Charity Falls breaks it down into three key considerations.

Top recommendations for estate planning

What are the best ways to stay on track with your estate plan? Charity Falls shares the importance of developing a plan now and reviewing it regularly.

The importance of long-term care planning

Long-term care can be a topic of concern as we age. Charity Falls shares her thoughts on developing a plan now and evaluating options that take family members into account.

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