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Women and Entrepreneurship: A Conversation with Female Founders

Wealth Management Webinar – March 2022

The Private Bank recently held a HEARD event focused on Women and Entrepreneurship. Host Candice Nakagawa, Director and Senior Private Wealth Advisor, introduced two inspiring female entrepreneurs from Women Founders Network (WFN): Hannah Hong, co-founder of Must Love, and Chasity Wright, founder and CEO of Infiltron Software Suite.

The lively discussion touched on the partnership between Union Bank and WFN and explored our panelists’ entrepreneurial journeys from how they got started, to mistakes they made along the way, to the challenges they face today.

Union Bank and Women Founders Network

Union Bank has been a proud sponsor of Women Founders Network since 2015. The organization provides education on entrepreneurship for female founders and young women. Learn more about Women Founders Network, their annual “Fast Pitch” competition, and our partnership with this empowering organization. 

Hannah and Chasity talk about starting your own business

Starting your own business

Stating your own company can be a big leap. Listen as Hannah and Chasity, two inspiring female entrepreneurs, explain what motivated them to shift their careers and start their own businesses.

Candice Nakagawa talks about raising capital

Raising capital

Female entrepreneurs often face greater challenges when raising capital than their male counterparts. Hear how Chasity and Hannah addressed these issues head on – and succeeded.

Chasity Wright talks about building a strong team

Building a strong team

Successful entrepreneurs surround themselves with talented people. Listen as these female business owners talk about the importance of hiring people that both enhance and challenge their strengths, while continuing to build their own skills

Hannah Hong talks about diversity and hiring

Hiring and diversity

Diversity can appear in many forms when it comes to staffing a small business. Hannah and Chasity, two women entrepreneurs, discuss how hiring for diversity cultivates innovation.

Chasity Wright talks about dealing with inflation

Dealing with inflation

Inflation can have varying effects on small businesses. Hear how it impacted two women-owned businesses, Must Love and Infiltron, in different ways.

Hannah Hong talks about learning from mistakes

Learning from mistakes

Even the brightest entrepreneurs experience some missteps on the journey to build their business. Listen as Chasity and Hannah openly share some of their experiences and how they’ve learned from them.

T. Candice Nakagawa

Meet our Moderator

Candice Nakagawa is a Senior Private Wealth Advisor and Team Leader for the Los Angeles & Central Coast Region for The Private Bank. In her role she leads a team of Private Wealth Advisors, along with specialists in wealth planning, investments, risk management, trust and estate services, and banking.

Candice leads the Women and Wealth initiative at The Private Bank and is passionate about helping women and women-owned businesses improve their financial confidence and capabilities. Candice is also a board member for Women’s Voices Now, an organization striving to drive social change for women and girls and is an Advisory Board Member for Women’s Founders Network, a non-profit organization that supports female entrepreneurs.