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You can open a savings IRA — which can include products such as MoneyMarket accounts or CDs — with Union Bank. Or you can open a brokerage IRA — which holds investments such as stocks, bonds, or mutual funds — with UnionBanc Investment Services.

IRA savings accounts

Bank options (FDIC-insured)
MoneyMarket Savings
Pays a tiered interest rate, based on your balance, so any uninvested savings can earn variable interest rates
Fixed-Rate IRA Time Deposits
  • Earn a fixed rate of interest
  • Terms of 90 days to 36 months
Variable-Rate Retirement IRA Time Deposits
Retirement IRA Income Time Deposit (12-month):
  • Interest rate adjusted monthly based on movements in the U.S. Treasury One-Month Constant Maturity Bills
  • Minimum $25,000 deposit to open account
  • Make account additions and withdrawals at any time
  • Must be age 59-1/2 or older to qualify
Variable-Rate Retirement Time Deposits
  • 18-Month Variable-Rate IRA Time Deposit:
  • Interest rate adjusted monthly based on movements in the U.S. Treasury One-Month Constant Maturity Bills
  • Make account additions at any time while keeping original maturity date
Bonus Rate Rollover Time Deposit
Bonus Rate Rollover Time Deposit Deposits earn an extra 0.25% on any new qualifying IRA deposit for:
  • One year with terms of 36 months
  • Two years if deposited for 36 months
  • Minimum $25,000 deposit to open account

IRA investment accounts

Brokerage options (Non-FDIC-Insured) through UnionBanc Investment Services
Mutual Funds
Professionally managed mutual funds allow you to invest without having to choose and track individual securities
Equity investments may provide the long-term growth necessary to help protect purchasing power
Brokered CD services
Places CDs in multiple banks, with no one bank holding more than the FDIC permissible limits
Fixed-income securities
Investing in bonds and other fixed-income securities can help:
  • Provide steady income
  • Diversify your portfolio
Union Bank Deposit Sweep Program
  • Allow you to keep free credit balances in your brokerage account working for you
  • Earn income on uninvested cash in your brokerage account — through the Union Bank Deposit Sweep Program

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Brokerage and investment advisory services offered by UnionBanc Investment Services LLC, an SEC-registered broker-dealer, investment adviser, member FINRA / SIPC, and subsidiary of MUFG Union Bank, N.A. Non-deposit investment and insurance products: • Are NOT deposits or other obligations of, or guaranteed by, the Bank or any Bank affiliate • Are NOT insured by the FDIC or by any other federal government agency • Are subject to investment risks, including possible loss of the principal amount invested


Clients requiring banking services will work directly with bankers from MUFG Union Bank, N.A. Bank products available through MUFG Union Bank, N.A. are FDIC-insured within permissible limits.