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529 Plans and Coverdell Accounts

It’s more than their education. It's their future.
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529 Plans

Get an early upper-hand saving for educational expenses with a tax-advantaged 529 Plan. Ideal for middle- to upper-income families, it could save you thousands in student loans later on.

  • Earnings are exempt from federal tax when used for qualified expenses. Non-qualified withdrawals are subject to taxes.

  • Contributions from family or even friends may be excludable up to federal gift & estate tax limits. 

  • Use the money to pay for public, private, and religious K-12 tuition as well as college expenses, including tuition, housing, computers and other supplies.

  • 529 Plans offer high maximum contributions that vary by state.

Coverdell ESA

A Coverdell Education Savings Account (ESA), available through Union Bank and UnionBanc Investment Services, allows you to direct your own investments.  The money saved for Coverdell ESAs can be used on educational expenses other than tuition.

  • Earnings are exempt from federal tax when used for qualified expenses.  Non-qualified withdrawals are subject to taxes

  • You choose how your savings will be invested

  • The money is not limited to tuition, allowing you to pay for a wide variety of K-12 expenses

  • Contribution limits vary depending on your annual earnings

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