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Online and Mobile Banking

Mobile Check Deposit - Use Your Phone to Deposit a Check

“Let me write you a check”

And they hand you the paper check.  Meanwhile you know there is already a pile sitting on your desk at home and you don’t have time to get to the bank or ATM.  Sweat starts to break out on your upper lip and the stress of it all is just about to get to you when you realize… you can use your phone to make a mobile check deposit.

With the Union Bank® Mobile Banking app, you can deposit checks from anywhere at anytime right there from your mobile device.  Still in your PJs?  No problem.  Only have a few minutes before soccer practice? That’s fine.  Because the mobile app is ready when you are.  Deposit before 9p.m. Pacific Time and you will generally have your money the next business day.

And getting started is easy.

Step 1. Log on to your Union Bank Mobile Banking app with your Online Banking credentials.  If you don’t have Online Banking credentials, don’t worry- we’ve got you covered.  Watch our step-by step tutorial video on registering for Online Banking.

If you don’t already have the app, go to the Apple app store or Google Play Store  and download it.

Step 2. Select “Check Deposit” from the menu of buttons that runs along the bottom of the app to launch the screen for Mobile Check Deposit.

Online banking check deposit selection on a mobile phone

Step 3. Select the account in which you plan to deposit the funds. You can only select one and you cannot go back to this step unless you click reset.  Input the dollar amount of the check. Don’t forget to endorse your check!

Step 4: Take a picture of the check, both front and back.  Make sure your phone is in landscape mode, not portrait.  Portrait mode can lead to issues with the deposit.

Helpful hint: For best results, place the check on a flat surface before taking the picture.

 Step 5: Confirm the deposit and amount and you’re done!  You’ll receive an email confirmation for your records and peace of mind.