Primary benefits

No Monthly Service Charge

Every little bit helps – enjoy no Monthly Service Charge.

ATM benefits

Two rebates for non-Union Bank ATM fees per statement period.

Overdraft benefit

No Overdraft Fees for overdrawn balances less than $5.

Product guide

Read our product guide for more information about this account.

Core features

Debit Card with Digital Wallet

Contactless-enabled Union Bank® Debit Mastercard® offers you a convenient and secure way to access your money and make payments and purchases with ApplePay®, GooglePay™, and Samsung Pay.®

Digital banking

Safely and conveniently check your account balance, transfer funds, and deposit checks all from your mobile device.

Additional checking account information

Monthly and ATM fees

Monthly Service Charge
ATM fees: Union Bank ATM transactions
ATM fees: Non-Union Bank ATM transactions

We will rebate the first two ATM surcharges assessed by non-Union Bank ATM owners or operators per statement period
Paper statement fee

Overdraft Fees

$33 per Debit for each Debit/Item whether paid (Overdraft Item Paid) or returned (Overdraft Item Returned) when there is an insufficient Available Balance in the account or through an Overdraft Protection service. No more than 5 Debits will be charged an Overdraft Fee during a single day (max. $165 per day). Fees applicable to overdrawn balances of $5.00 or more.

$6 Continued Overdraft Fee per Business Day charged beginning on the seventh calendar day that the account is continuously overdrawn for any overdraft amount; $30 maximum for each period of continued overdraft.

$0 Overdraft Protection Transfer Fee when linked to an eligible checking, money market or savings account.

See Overdraft Choices for information about overdraft services that may have a lower total cost than Overdraft Fees.

Overdraft Choices

Learn more about Overdraft Choices.

Debit card information

The contactless-enabled Union Bank® Debit Mastercard® offers you a convenient and secure way to access your money and make payments. Make purchases quickly and easily online, by phone, or at millions of merchant locations worldwide.

Pay your bills over the phone or online.

Make purchases wherever Apple Pay®, Google PayTM, or Samsung Pay® are accepted. Learn how to add your card.

Access cash at ATMs around the world.

Account terms

Read account terms and conditions here.

Checking FAQ

Read checking account FAQs here.

Banking forms

Locate all forms and dispute information here.

Routing information

Bank Location
Bank Routing Number

SWIFT information

Wire type
Routing number
Fed Routing Number
International Wire Payments - SWIFT Code

Order checks

At Union Bank it is easy to order your checks online, by phone, or at a branch.

Online - visit to place an order, view your order history, verify the order status, change check designs, and more.

Phone - call 1-800-238-4486 to order checks or make address and name changes.

Branch - visit your nearest Union Bank branch to order new checks, reorder checks, make address or name changes, and more. 

For account information details and terms and conditions governing our deposit accounts, see our Bank Freely Product Guide, Personal Accounts & Services Disclosure and Agreement, and Personal Accounts Fee Schedule. Accounts opened online are considered California accounts regardless of state of residence.