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Verification of Deposit Requests

Request a Verification of Deposit

MUFG Union Bank, N.A. ("Bank"), and Bank affiliates, including UnionBanc Investment Services LLC,###DISCLAIMER:2_0 UBIS 4 - UBIS Only### a registered broker-dealer, member FINRA/SIPC and a subsidiary of Bank, customers, and third-party client(s) may request account rating, account verification, account confirmation, and account reverification services for the following account types:
  • Commercial accounts and loans
  • Small business accounts and loans
  • Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)
  • Consumer deposit accounts
  • Investment (UBIS) accounts

Request Types

Mortgage Company -- Financial institutions such as banks, mortgage companies, and mortgage brokers requesting customer account information.
Housing Assistance Agency -- Housing assistance agencies, Section 8, and organizations providing housing options for low-income individuals.
Nonsubsidized Housing -- Rental agencies and organizations that provide low-income housing and do not receive government subsidization.
Commercial/Consumer Account Rating -- Businesses extending credit for purchases or lines of credit.
Certified Public Accountants -- CPAs requesting account information for their business client on a specific date. Business clients click here.
Medical Public Assistance -- Government-sponsored programs providing medical benefits such as Veteran Affairs, Social Security Administration, public assistance, and social services.
Consumer Request -- Customers authorizing the bank to share account information with entities such as immigration, embassies, adoption firms, and other agencies.
Quality Control Reverification -- For financial institutions, mortgage lenders, and Veterans Administration requesting a validation of the verification processed or statements provided by the customer to the lender.
Government Agencies -- Verification of Deposit Request for government agencies such as cities, counties, and state governments.

Instructions/guidelines for making a Verification of Deposit Request.

Download Verification of Deposit Request form (pdf).###DISCLAIMER:2_0 PDF VOD###

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Download Quality Control Reverification request form (pdf).###DISCLAIMER:2_0 PDF VOD###

Please note: Union Bank does not directly respond to requests for credit ratings on consumer loan products, as this information can be obtained from credit reporting agencies.
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Download Verification of Deposit Request form (pdf).2,3
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Download Quality Control Reverification request form (pdf).2,3
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Call 1-800-238-4486 for assistance.

Requests outside of the U.S.

Other request types
Questions? Find answers in our Verification of Deposit Requests FAQ.