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Security you can rely on

Online Security Guarantee

Union Bank® is committed to providing you a safe online experience. In fact, we guarantee you 100% against the theft of your funds from our Online Banking service when you comply with your security responsibilities.

This guarantee covers losses that result from:

1. The theft of your Online Banking User ID and Password
2. Unauthorized bill payments or transfers initiated through our Online Banking service

Your Security Responsibilities

To qualify for this guarantee, you must:
  • Not disclose your Online Banking Password to others
  • Promptly verify your transactions online each month or by reviewing your monthly statement
  • Inform us within two business days of any known or suspected unauthorized account activity
If you fail to report a loss or unauthorized transaction within 60 days from the date of the FIRST statement that reflects an unauthorized transaction, you may be responsible for this loss and all subsequent losses related to this loss.

Other Terms and Conditions

This guarantee does not apply to small business, commercial, or other nonpersonal accounts. It does not cover losses caused by the actions or omissions of your designated payee or transactions by persons to whom you disclose your Password. Terms and conditions subject to change. This guarantee supplements the terms of your Online Banking Service Agreement.

Protect Yourself

Beyond your security responsibilities, you can help protect yourself online by following several simple rules. Learn more.
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