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Online Security Guarantee

Security you can rely on

Online Security Guarantee

Union Bank is committed to providing you a safe online experience. In fact, we guarantee you 100 percent against the theft of your funds from our Online Banking service when you comply with your security responsibilities.

This guarantee covers losses that result from:

1. The theft of your Online Banking User ID and Password
2. Unauthorized bill payments or transfers initiated through our Online Banking service

Your Security Responsibilities

To qualify for this guarantee, you must:
  • Not disclose your Online Banking Password to others
  • Promptly verify your transactions online each month or by reviewing your monthly statement
  • Inform us within two business days of any known or suspected unauthorized account activity
If you fail to report a loss or unauthorized transaction within 60 days from the date of the first statement that reflects an unauthorized transaction, you may be responsible for this loss and all subsequent losses related to this loss.

Other Terms and Conditions

This guarantee does not apply to small business, commercial, or other nonpersonal accounts. It does not cover losses caused by the actions or omissions of your designated payee or transactions by persons to whom you disclose your Password. Terms and conditions subject to change. This guarantee supplements the terms of your Online Banking Service Agreement.

Protect Yourself

Beyond your security responsibilities, you can help protect yourself online by following several simple rules. Learn more.

Online Payment Guarantee

On-time payments for your peace of mind

Online Payment Guarantee

We guarantee that we will send your online payment in accordance with your instructions so that it arrives on or before the due date and in the correct amount when you comply with your responsibilities. Barring events outside of our control, we will resolve, pay, or reimburse you for any late fees or finance charges that you incur due to a late payment, up to the amount of the payment itself.

Your Responsibilities

To obtain this guarantee, you must schedule your payments in advance of the due date by the number of days required to make payment to the payee (typically two days for electronic payments and five days for mailed payments) and enter the proper payment information in accordance with our instructions. Note that the "due date" for an on-time payment does not include any grace period, such as the grace period commonly offered for mortgage payments.

How Payments Are Sent

Most payments are sent electronically and generally take two business days to reach the payee. Payments or transfers within Union Bank generally take place on the following business day. Payments to some billers and most individuals are sent via check and may take up to five business days before they are received.

Other Terms and Conditions

This guarantee does not apply: to small business, commercial, or other nonpersonal accounts; to payments made to any government entity (including courts and tax authorities); if you fail to maintain sufficient available funds for a payment; if you fail to schedule and submit payment requests in a timely manner, as described above; if the payment service is not available for any reason; or if the transaction is not allowed due to any dispute or uncertainty over your authorization for the transaction or the ownership or control of your account. We assume no responsibility for the failure of a payee to post a payment on the date it is received. Terms and conditions subject to change. This guarantee supplements the terms of your Online Banking Service Agreement.
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