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Send Money From Your Mobile Device

Send Money is a convenient way to pay friends, family, and service providers without cash or checks using your mobile device.###DISCLAIMER:2_0 Mobile Banking### Powered by PayPal™, this service lets you send funds using only your recipient's email address or mobile phone number. The recipient can access the funds instantly at PayPal.###DISCLAIMER:2_0 Recipient###

Send Money transactions are:
  • Available via PayPal
  • No cost to you, your friends, and family###DISCLAIMER:2_0 Mobile Banking###
  • Secure and protected by our online guarantee
  • Easy for you and your recipient to track online
Our Mobile Banking customers will now see Send Money as an option in their mobile menu on their mobile device.

Get started with Mobile Banking and check out Send Money right away. No cost to download one of our Mobile Banking apps based on your phone. Send Money is only available for iPhone® and Android™

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