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Mobile Check Deposit

Depositing checks has never been so easy. Mobile Check Deposit###DISCLAIMER:2_0 Mobile Check Deposit### allows you to make deposits using the Union Bank Mobile Banking###DISCLAIMER:2_0 Mobile Banking Message Rates### app on your iPad®, iPhone®, or AndroidTM mobile device.

Here's how it works:
  • Log into the Mobile Banking app on your smartphone or tablet
  • Click the menu button in the upper right corner
  • Select Deposit a Check
  • Choose an Account, enter the check amount, click Done
  • Take photos of the front and back of the check
  • Click Confirm to submit the deposit
Download the Mobile Banking app and start using Mobile Check Deposits today. The app is available for iPad®, iPhone®, or AndroidTM mobile devices. Just like all Union Bank mobile banking services and apps, Mobile Check Deposit is available to our customers at no additional cost.

Already using the Mobile Banking app? Start depositing checks on your mobile device. No other sign-ups or activation required.

How long does Mobile Check Deposit take?

Using the Union Bank Mobile Banking app is the fastest and easiest way to deposit checks into your account. Deposits made before 9:00 pm Pacific Time are typically available the next Business Day.###DISCLAIMER:2_0 Mobile Check Deposit Available### This means you get your money quickly, without having to take time to visit a branch. Mobile Check Deposit lets you manage your deposits wherever and whenever you like, all with the tap of a button.

What to do with checks after mobile deposit

After you deposit a check using the Mobile Banking app, we recommend taking a few steps to keep your checks in order. When you're finished snapping your photos and confirming the deposit follow these steps:
  • Write "Deposited on [date]" on the front or back of your check
  • Store your deposited check in a safe, secure location until funds appear in your account
In the event that an error occurs or we need to view the original check for any reason, we recommend that you hang on to your deposited checks for at least 5 days after the initial deposit date. Once the check clears and funds appear in your account, you may destroy all checks you've deposited with Mobile Check Deposit.
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