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Home Equity Line of Credit

Get the Cash You Need, When You Need It

A home equity line of credit puts money in your hands to use as you see fit. Whether you're making home improvements, paying taxes, paying down credit cards, financing another large purchase, purchasing a vehicle, funding education expenses, or even "going green," you can utilize your home's equity to get the cash you need.###DISCLAIMER:2_0 P_Home Equity Appraisal Fees###


The Union Bank FlexEquity account -- our flagship home equity line of credit -- is a flexible line of credit combined with a fixed-rate loan. It's a revolving credit line, so as you repay the amount you've borrowed, it becomes available for you to use again and again. With a FlexEquity account, you'll enjoy:
  • Fixed- and variable-rate options -- Benefit from changes in the market by choosing when to fix your rate or stay with variable.
  • Instant cash -- Write checks for as little as $500 -- or for as much as your available credit limit.
  • Low interest rates -- Union Bank's interest rates are typically lower than most credit cards or consumer loans. Plus, our interest rate cap is among the lowest in the industry.
  • Available for primary or vacation home.
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