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Managed Account Solutions

At UnionBanc Investment Services, our locally based Financial Advisors are dedicated to helping you achieve your unique goals. In today's environment of rapid change, it is essential to create a customized, goal-driven approach to investment planning. That is why we are offering the Managed Account Solutions program.

The Managed Account Solutions program offers you a range of investment solutions that leverages the expertise of a select group of asset managers, as well as asset allocation strategies, ongoing manager research, and portfolio monitoring.

In addition, Managed Accounts can help you diversify your holdings and potentially reduce risk by investing in various asset classes and styles according to your specific risk profile.###DISCLAIMER:2_0 Diversification###

Your Financial Advisor will help you select investments from a range of solutions based on your profile and risk tolerance, including:

  • Mutual Fund or Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) Wrap Strategies  — Actively managed investment strategies with objective, unbiased investment processes and ongoing portfolio management and rebalancing.
  • Separately Managed Accounts  — Allows for direct access to global investment managers while enjoying direct ownership of the securities in the portfolio.  This allows for greater flexibility, more control, and potential tax advantages. ###DISCLAIMER:2_0 Tax Advantages###
  • Advisor Directed Unified Managed Account  — Allows your advisor to build a customized portfolio using a variety of asset classes through  separately managed accounts, mutual funds, and ETFs. This program provides open architecture, professional asset management, and comprehensive performance reporting to fit a wide range of investment needs
For more information about the Managed Account Solutions program, please contact your Financial Advisor at UnionBanc Investment Services either by visiting the Investment Center located in your nearest Union Bank branch or by calling Client Services at 1-800-634-1100 to request a convenient meeting.
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