Looking for help with your Verification of Deposit Request? Check the information below.

Verification of Deposit Requests

Verification of Deposit Requests

How do I know my request has been received?

Please allow two business days before checking on your request.

How long will it take Union Bank to process my request?

Please allow two business days from the time we receive your request to process it.

  • If you selected fax as your return method, we will fax your response during business hours (Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Pacific time).
  • If you selected U.S. Mail as your return method, allow standard mail delivery time to receive your response.

When I’m filling out the form online, it doesn’t allow me to advance to the next field. Why not?

The most likely cause is that your pop-up blocker is turned on. In order to complete this form, you must temporarily turn off or disable your pop-up blocker before you download the form.

What should I do if I’ve completed the request form and faxed my request but haven’t received a response?

If you have not received your response after two business days, contact us at 1-800-238-4486 for assistance.

Where do I send my request?

Submit your completed Verification of Deposit Request form and any required supporting documents to the following fax number: 1-714-985-5936. Be sure your request is faxed in the following order:

  1. Union Bank fax cover sheet
  2. Union Bank Verification of Deposit Request form, signed and dated by the authorized account signer OR
  3. Non-Union Bank verification of deposit request form (if applicable), signed and dated by the authorized account signer within 12 months 

See instructions for Requests Outside of the U.S.

How do I submit my request if I don’t have a fax machine?

You may take your completed request to a local Union Bank branch, and a representative will fax your request for you.

Can a Union Bank branch process my Verification of Deposit Request?

No, all verifications of deposits are handled in a centralized department, and the branch will be unable to process your request.

Who is charged for the Verification of Deposit Request?

The customer's account is charged (when applicable) according to the account disclosure or fee schedule.

The customer will not be charged for the following request types:

  • Housing Assistance Agency (nonsubsidized)
  • Medical or Public Assistance
  • Quality Control — Reverification of a previously completed Verification of Deposit response

Will the customer be charged if multiple requests for the same accounts are faxed to Union Bank for processing?

Because each request is processed separately, a fee is incurred each time a request is faxed (when applicable). To avoid unnecessary charges, please fax only one request.

Will my request be processed if I use a non-Union Bank request form?

Yes, you may use your non-Union Bank request form or your request may be made using the Union Bank request form.  

For Requests Outside of the U.S., a non-Union Bank form signed and dated by the authorized account signer within 12 months may be submitted.

Whom do I call if I have any questions regarding my request?

Call Retail Customer Service at 1-800-238-4486 to speak to a representative.

Quality Control Reverifications

Quality Control Reverifications

For financial institutions, mortgage lenders, Veterans Administration requesting a validation of the verification processed or statements provided by the customer to the lender.

You'll receive the following information:

A letter validating that the information provided matched bank records.

Please read the following documents prior to completing the Verification of Deposit Request form:

Instructions and Important Guidelines
Frequently Asked Questions

Our Verification of Deposit process was developed to meet industry requirements. Responses contain only the information indicated above and cannot include any additional information you may have asked for on your request.

Please note: Union Bank does not directly respond to requests for credit ratings on consumer loan products, as this information can be obtained from credit reporting agencies.

Instructions and Important Guidelines


To request a Verification of Deposit, fax your signed Authorization for Verification of Deposit form to 1-714-985-5936, or simply follow these instructions:

1. Temporarily turn off/disable your pop-up blocker. The pop-up blocker must be disabled to complete the form. 2. Open the Verification of Deposit Request form.
3. Complete the requested information online.
4. Print the form.
5. Fax the completed request to 1-714-985-5936 to finalize the process. In order for the system to process your faxed Verification of Deposit Request, it must be submitted and contain the following:

  • Union Bank® Verification of Deposit Request form, signed and dated
  • OR
  • Non–Union Bank Verification of Deposit Request form (if applicable), signed and dated within 12 months

For Quality Control/Reverifications, please include a copy of the original verification or statements.



Important Guidelines

Account Numbers:

  • Bank responses will only include information related to the account numbers listed on the Verification of Deposit Request Form.
  • Accounts added after the request was created will not be processed and requires a new request to be completed.
  • For requests with invalid account numbers, you will receive an error notice by fax (or mail if you mailed in your request).
  • For requests with multiple account numbers, only valid accounts will be processed.

Form/Fax Legibility:

  • Do NOT highlight the signature and date fields. Doing so causes them to turn black on the faxed copy.
  • If we are unable to successfully fax your request, we will mail your response to the address provided on the request form. Standard processing time is two business days of receipt of your faxed request.

Please note: Union Bank does not directly respond to requests for credit ratings on consumer loan products, as this information can be obtained from credit reporting agencies.

Verification Requests Outside of the U.S.

If you need us to fax or mail your Verification of Deposit response to a number outside of the U.S.:

Fax your request to 1-714-985-5936


Mail your request to:

MUFG Union Bank, N.A.
Bank Operations Support, T-64E-5510
P.O. Box 60368
Phoenix, AZ 85082-3068

From outside of the U.S. call 1-323-720-5858 for assistance.

Download Verification of Deposit Request form (pdf).
Download Quality Control Reverification form (pdf).

Please Note: Pop-up blocker must be disabled to complete the form. Be sure to temporarily turn off/disable your pop-up blocker. If you get an alert while the form is open, please select your choice to trust this document once or always. If you need assistance, please call Retail Customer Service 1-800-238-4486.

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