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PPP Loans and Forgiveness updates

Last updated: Mar 31, 2021

Important information for all PPP first and second time borrowers below.

Latest updates:

  • The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Extension Act of 2021 was signed by President Biden and the deadline for businesses to apply for a Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan has been extended to May 31, 2021. Please note, the extension is subject to the availability of funds so when the pool of funds is exhausted, no additional loans can be made. We cannot predict when this will occur and cannot commit that your loan will be funded. If you are interested in applying for a new PPP loan through Union Bank, you will need to do so using our PPP Loan Portal.

  • New entity types can now apply for a PPP loan. Some applicants, including self employed and sole proprietors, may now use gross income to calculate their loan amount using new simplified SBA forms 2483-C and 2483SD-C. To use these forms, check the “Schedule C Filer” box during your application process on the Union Bank PPP portal.

  • Forgiveness Update – We are now accepting forgiveness applications. On March 5, 2021, the SBA issued new forms, SBA Form 3508, SBA Form 3508EZ and SBA Form 3508S to be used to request PPP loan forgiveness. The 3508EZ and the 3508S are shortened versions of the application for borrowers who meet specific requirements. You can find guidance on which forms to use and how to apply by logging in to the Union Bank PPP Portal.

​​​Helpful resources:

Additional information:

  • Emails from the PPP loan & forgiveness portal will come from a UnionBank.com email address.  Please do not reply to this email address; if you need to reach us, please submit a request to be contacted through our Contact me form.
  • For answers to some of your commonly asked PPP loan closing questions, please review our loan closing FAQs

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PPP Loan Forgiveness

For PPP loans of $150k or less, the SBA has simplified the PPP loan forgiveness process.  Also, borrowers with loans greater than $150,000 may be able to include additional eligible non-payroll expenses

Frequently asked questions

How do I reset my password for the PPP loan portal?

If you have previously logged onto the PPP loan portal, you can reset your password by clicking the “Forgot Password” link on the portal login page and by following the on-screen instructions. For additional guidance, please download and review our Quick start guide to reset your password.

If the “Forgot Password” process does not work for you, please contact your banker or relationship manager.

Reset Password Instructions

  • Click on Reset Password button below
  • Enter the email address associated with your account and click Reset Password. You will receive an email to reset your password within 5-10 minutes. If you do not receive it, please check your spam box for an email from payrollprotectionadmin@unionbank.com.
  • Click the Reset Password link in the email.
  • Enter the last four digits of the Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) associated with your account. A One-Time Password (OTP) will then be emailed to you. Please do not close the page or you will need to restart the process to request a new password.
  • Open a second browser to check your email for a message with subject line Your One-Time Passcode. Enter the six-digit (e.g., 123456) OTP passcode. If you do not receive the email within 5-10 minutes, please check your spam box for an email from noreply@unionbank.com.

  • Enter a new password that is alphanumeric and uses only the following special characters, ! # $ % - _ = +
  • You will now be able to log into the PPP Loan Portal. For direct access to the PPP Loan Portal, go to www.unionbank/ppp.
  • Should you need further assistance, please submit a request to be contacted through our Contact me form or call your assigned Union Bank Business Advisor.

How does the PPP loan forgiveness process work?

The forgiveness process consists of a lender review and an SBA review.  When you first submit your PPP loan forgiveness application and required supporting documentation, it will be reviewed by Union Bank.  We will reach out to you via email if we have any questions or if there is missing documentation.  Lenders have 60 days to complete their review once a signed PPP loan forgiveness application with complete supporting documentation is received.  Once the lender review has been completed, the lender will submit the forgiveness application to the SBA.  The SBA typically completes their review and remits any payment within 90 days of the forgiveness application being submitted to them.

What documentation is required to request PPP loan forgiveness?

Documentation varies by business type. Please download and review our guide for PPP Loan Forgiveness: Required documentation to support your application.

How do I upload supporting documentation to my application?

Once you’ve completed your application it will be submitted, and “Document Placeholders” will appear in your “To Do List.” You can upload your supporting documentation to the Document Placeholders. Please see pages 10-11 of the PPP Loan Forgiveness User Guide for additional instructions on how to upload documentation.

How do I sign my loan documents?

After submitting your PPP loan forgiveness application, you should receive an email from DocuSign with the subject "Documents for your DocuSign Signature." The email will prompt you to sign your forgiveness application electronically. Once your electronically signed forgiveness application is received, we can continue processing your forgiveness request. If you do not receive a DocuSign email from us within 48 hours after submitting your application, please check your spam folder. If after searching your spam folder, you still cannot locate an email from DocuSign, please submit a request to be contacted through our Contact me form.

Once I have submitted my forgiveness application, can I go back in and review the application in the portal?

No, once you complete the “Review and Submit” page of the application, you will not be able to view the forgiveness application again.  Please print the “Review and Submit” page if you would like a copy of what you input.  During the lender review of the forgiveness application, you will also be sent a Docusign version of your forgiveness application that you can print and retain for your records.

How do I pay off my first draw PPP loan?

To pay off your PPP loan please contact us at 800-999-4406.

What should I do if I received an email stating that my forgiveness application had been cancelled due to missing documentation?

If you recently submitted your application, this email is most likely for the cancellation of a duplicate application. Please check the “Status Tracking and Tasks” section of the PPP loan portal to see your current applications. Any applications with a “Lender Status” of new are still active. The “Request #” for any active application should be different than the application # referenced in the cancellation email.

Does the PPP portal time out if I’m on the same page for too long?

Yes, if you are on the same page of the portal for more than 30 minutes the page will time out.  You will be notified that an error occurred while saving your application and the portal will not let you proceed to the next page.  You will need to exit the portal, log back in, and resume your application from the “To Do List” or start a new application if you were on the first page of the application when you received the error.

Will I have to enter the last 4 of my business TIN and One-Time Passcode (OTP) every time I log onto the portal?


Why did I receive an error message when inputting my One-Time Passcode (OTP)?

Please make sure you are following the guidelines below when inputting your OTP.

  • Ensure you are entering only the last 4 of the TIN on the prior screen.
  • Ensure you aren’t copy and pasting the OTP. This can cause extra spaces to be entered.
  • Ensure you are only entering the 6-digit number in the email and not including “OTP” or any spaces in your input.
  • Make sure you are using the most current OTP email. The email time stamp should be from after you started your current logon attempt.

If you have additional questions, please submit a request to be contacted through our Contact me form.

PPP Loan Closing FAQs

I have already submitted my paperwork and have more than 20 employees, including seasonal employees, will my loan still close during the exclusive 14-day application period just announced?

No, but we will continue processing your PPP loan during this period, notify you via email of our credit decision and approved PPP loan applications will be placed in a queue. Once the SBA begins accepting PPP loan applications for businesses with 20 or more employees, we will submit all completed and approved PPP loan applications in the order they were received.

I received an email from dse_NA4@docusign.net requesting that I review and sign documents.  Is this a legitimate email?

Yes, this is a legitimate email.  During the application process, borrowers will receive two DocuSign emails with documents to digitally sign.  The first will be the Borrower Application form.  The second will be the loan note and closing documents once the SBA approval is received.

What is the payment deferral period for first draw and second draw PPP loans?

Payments on both first draw and second draw PPP loans are deferred for up to 10-months after the end of the covered period.  The covered period is up to 24-weeks from the date that loan proceeds were received by the borrower.  If a forgiveness application is submitted prior to 10-months after the end of the covered period, payments will continue to be deferred until the forgiveness process is completed.

Can I have my loan proceeds funded into a non-Union Bank account?

No, the funds must be funded into a business account at Union Bank.

Who can digitally sign the DocuSign documents on behalf of the business applying for a PPP loan?

The person digitally signing the DocuSign documents needs to be an authorized representative of the business who has the authority to make the certifications contained in the Borrower Application Form and loan documents.

Once I sign my loan documents, how long should it take for my Union Bank account to be credited with the loan proceeds?

The account should be credited within 2-4 business days of digitally signing all loan documents.