Union Bank HOAbankers Web Security Policy

Please read carefully. By using the HOAbankers.com site you agree to the terms and conditions outlined below.

UnionBank.com/HOAbankers is a website dedicated to serving our homeowner association and industry related customers. Unlike the Union Bank main website (www.UnionBank.com), no login or secure password is required to use any of its Account Management customer service request forms.  
  • Each UnionBank.com/HOAbankers-originated customer service request must include required information that will identify you and your account. This is the same information required by the Union Bank HOA Customer Service Group and HOA Lockbox Service Group to conduct similar transactions or requests via telephone or fax.
  • The first time you submit a request via the Site the HOA Customer Service Group or HOA Lockbox Service Group will contact you via telephone to confirm the information contained in the request, including your email address. The HOA Customer Service associate or HOA Lockbox Service associate will then verify your authority to conduct for your accounts any and all of the transactions and requests for information offered on the Site.
  • Once your email address, authority to request transactions and information, and other pertinent information are confirmed, Union Bank will be considered authorized to act on all instructions originating from unionbank.com/HOAbankers now and in the future that include your contact information and/or email address.
  • You will receive a confirmation via email of each request you submit via the Site. HOA Customer Service and/or HOA Lockbox Service associate(s) will then fulfill your request via email to the address verified in your initial request.
  • To protect confidential information, Union Bank employs secure web pages in the operation of unionbank.com/HOAbankers.
  • You agree to protect the integrity of your bank account information, Internet access account, email account and passwords to protect against unauthorized use.
  • You agree that by submitting any customer service request, email, request for information or sending any information to Union Bank in any form or in any manner originating from unionbank.com/HOAbankers that you have read, agree to comply with and be bound by the terms and conditions of this security policy.
  • By using the Site you agree to protect your contact and bank account information, to frequently monitor your email account for request confirmations and fulfillment messages, and to notify Union Bank immediately of any suspected unauthorized use.
  • Union Bank will continue to accept instructions, requests for service or requests for information originating from the Site and identified by the previously verified contact information and email address until termination notice is received in writing. Termination will occur within 24 hours (one business day) of receipt of written instructions sent by U.S. mail or delivered by hand or registered letter to: Union Bank, CCSU HOA Banking Customer Service Unit, 1980 Saturn Street (V03-012), Monterey Park, CA 91755.
  • This policy may be modified at any time by Union Bank. By submitting any type of request via the Site you agree to be bound to subsequent modifications posted on the Site.