Deposit Rates

MoneyMarket Rates

Smart management of your short-term reserves

The MoneyMarket Account1 offers tiered, competitive interest rates for your short-term reserves.

For current rate information, please contact a Regional Account Executive or customer service representative.
(1) Federal regulation limits certain types of withdrawals or transfers from your savings or money market account (including online/telephone transfers and Deposit Overdraft Protection transfers) to a maximum of 6 each monthly statement period (money market accounts) or calendar month (savings accounts or money market accounts when the statement period date was requested on a specific day). Union Bank will charge a $15 Excess Activity Charge for each transfer exceeding the limits. If you exceed these limits, the Bank is required to close your account or convert your account to one not subject to transfer limitations. If your account is closed or converted due to excessive activity, you will not be able to open another Union Bank savings and/or money market account for 12 months from the time the account is closed or converted.

Speak to a customer service representative

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