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Electronic Payment Services

Benefits at a Glance

  • Streamline your monthly billing process
  • Eliminate coupon books and monthly statements
  • Process HOA assessments easily and effectively
  • Control ACH process in-house through your accounting software
  • Automatically charge homeowner checking accounts
  • Decrease likelihood of late payments
  • Make ACH payments to vendors and suppliers
  • Electronically collect monthly management fees from association accounts
Save time and money

Take advantage of electronic payment services to collect assessments, as well as to pay vendors and suppliers. You'll not only reduce administrative expense but also enhance your ability to forecast cash flow by knowing the exact date payments will be made. Your homeowners will appreciate the convenience -- eliminating writing monthly checks, buying postage, and incurring late fees.

Through the use of ACH, homeowner accounts are charged and association accounts are credited once a month. Your management fees can be deducted from the homeowners association's accounts as well. You will be able to initiate the transactions internally, controlling the ACH process, and we’ll process the electronic file for you.

To learn more about our electronic assessment services, contact a Union Bank relationship manager.

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