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Streamlined Documentation

Benefits at a Glance

  • Spend less time on account-opening paperwork
  • Easily open new association accounts
  • Conveniently add new board members and/or company signers
Our streamlined documentation processes allow your management company to spend less time on paperwork and more time on managing the business. Union Bank performs its required customer identification requirements on the owners of the management company at the inception of our banking relationship, since they perform the majority of the banking functions on behalf of their managed associations.

  • Once the required documentation is complete, new association accounts can be opened without requiring copies of contracts or personal information and identification for its board members.
  • When board members change, new board members simply sign a new signature card -- there is no need for election minutes to be submitted.
  • If management company staff are authorized signers on association accounts and there is a change in authorized signers, only one signature card needs to be updated for all accounts on which the change applies.

Most required documents to open a new account or update an existing account can be found online, so you always have the most current version and convenient access available 24/7.

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