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Our Core Values

We Invest in Your Success
As a nationwide leader in homeowner association banking, we've spent nearly two decades building long-term partnerships with management companies and the communities they manage. Our innovative products and services, customized to support your operations, are backed by the size, strength, and stability of a world-class bank, yet we give you the close attention you'd expect from a neighborhood institution. We work with you to help optimize your banking relationship to meet your business needs and goals.

Let Our Experience and Resources Work for You
We make your job easier. Our relationship managers, as well as our lockbox and treasury management teams, have the in-depth knowledge it takes to help you streamline your operations, increase your efficiency, and reduce your workload. We'll provide you with solutions you need, from assessment billing to investing your reserves. You'll see why working with a bank that knows your industry can help boost your profitability.

Your Community Is Our Community
We earn your trust with our commitment to providing your community with a better way to bank. With our virtual association banking, we're as close as your desktop no matter where you're located nationwide. We're here to help you keep expenses down, reserves high, and homeowner services at a premium. Our client communities include:

  • Community associations
  • Homeowner associations
  • Owner associations
  • Condominium associations
  • Townhouse associations
  • Property owner associations
  • Planned-unit developments
  • Common interest developments
  • Large-scale communities
  • Cooperatives

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