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You can transfer funds to or from eligible Union Bank® accounts you own, up to your available balance. You can also set up external transfers to and from checking, savings or money market accounts that you own. Personal customers can also transfer funds to accounts they do not own, either at Union Bank or other financial institutions. You can make one-time or recurring transfers and even schedule multiple transfers at once to save time.
Using the pull-down menus, simply select the accounts you want to transfer to and from. Then enter the amount, send date, and frequency of the transfer and select Next to schedule the transfer. You will have a chance to review and confirm your transfer instructions on the following page. To cancel this operation, select Cancel.
Why is most of my account number hidden?
Most of your account number is hidden to help keep your accounts confidential and secure. We also hide your account numbers with your payees. To display your full account numbers, go to Account Services and select View Full Account Numbers.
What is the cut-off and delivery time for transfers?
Between Union Bank accounts: 11:45 p.m. Pacific Time on the current Business Day. The transfer will be completed immediately or at the end of the current Business Day.
To or from Owned External Accounts: 10:00 p.m. Pacific Time. Funds are withdrawn from the account the next Business Day. The transfer will be completed on the third Business Day after the Date to Send.
To External Accounts: 11:45 p.m. Pacific Time. The transfer will be completed on the second Business Day after the Date to Send.
What if I don't see my transfer accounts in the menu?
If you don't see your transfer accounts in the pull-down menu on this page, click on the Add New Transfer Account button and follow the instructions to add the accounts to your list of accounts available for transfers.
How soon will my transfers be credited?
We will credit your account for the amount of your transfers instantly for most one-time, same-day transfers between your Union Bank accounts. Other transfers between Union Bank accounts, such as future-dated transfers, take one Business Day. Transfers to or from UnionBanc Investment Services accounts or bank accounts outside Union Bank take two to three Business Days. Remember that these are Business Days, and do not include Saturdays, Sundays or federal holidays. Be sure to take this into account when you schedule transfers.
Can I set up a recurring transfer?
Yes, just select the frequency of the transfer from the pull-down menu and indicate how long you want to continue making transfers.
Can I make more than one transfer at a time?
Yes, you can add more transfers by selecting Add Another Transfer for each additional transfer (up to five total).
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