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On this page you can schedule payments to companies and individuals. Simply select the Union Bank account you want to pay from by using the drop down menu. Then enter the amount of your payment and when you want us to send it in the spaces provided. Select Make Payments to schedule your payment. You will have a chance to review and confirm your payment instructions on the following page.

Why is most of my account number hidden?
Most of your account number is hidden to help keep your accounts confidential and secure. We also hide your payee account numbers. To display your full account numbers, go to Account Summary and select Turn on Full Account Numbers.

Can I make several payments at once?
Yes, you can make multiple payments at the same time by providing the payment instructions for each payee on this page. Then select Make Payment to review and confirm your payments.

What is the cut-off time for payments?
Payments scheduled before 11:45 p.m. Pacific Time on a business day will be processed that same day.

When will payments be deducted from my account?
We will debit your account for the amount of your payments on the send date you entered for the payment.

What if I don't see my payee in the list?
If you don't see your payee's name in the list on this page, select Add Payee and follow the instructions to add your payee.

How long does it take to deliver my payments?
The time required to deliver a payment is indicated by the icon to the right of your payee. Remember that these delivery times are given in business days so weekends and holidays are not included. Delivery times vary, so be sure to take this into account when you schedule payments.

How do I schedule a recurring payment?
To make a recurring payment, enter the payment amount first, then select the How Often drop down menu next to the payee and complete the details.

Can recurring payments be made in different amounts?
To schedule a recurring payment, the amount must be the same for all payments. If the bill you want to pay will vary, choose the one-time payment option in the How Often pull-down menu.

How do I make a principal-only payment to my Union Bank loan or line of credit?
To pay down the principal on your loan (make a principal-only payment), check the Principal Only Payment box next to the loan or line of credit you wish to pay.

How do I pay off my loan or line of credit in full?
If you have any questions or concerns, or for instructions on how to pay off your loan or mortgage in full, contact us:

Consumer Loan: 1-800-237-0561
Mortgage Loan: 1-800-888-5990
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