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This page lists all the companies and individuals you've set up for online payments. The payee account numbers are also shown, along with the time it takes for your payments to be delivered. You can change the payment details for a payee or delete the payee from your list by selecting the links next to each payee.

How do I make a principal-only payment to my Union Bank loan or line of credit?
To pay down the principal on your loan (make a principal-only payment), check the Principal Only Payment box next to the loan or line of credit you wish to pay.

How do I pay off in full my loan or line of credit?
If you have any questions or concerns, or for instructions on how to pay off in full your loan or mortgage, contact us:

Consumer Loan: 1-800-237-0561
Mortgage Loan: 1-800-888-5990

Why is most of my account number hidden?
Most of your account number is hidden to help keep your accounts confidential and secure. We also hide your account numbers with your payees. To display your full account numbers, go to Account Services and select View Full Account Numbers.

What if the payee I want to pay isn't in this list?
If you don't see your payee, select Add Payee to add the payee to this list.

What is the account number?
The account number is your account number with the payee, not your Union Bank account number.

Can I change my payment instructions for a payee?
To change your payment instructions, select the Change link next to the payee's name.

How can I change the name of a payee?
To change the name of a payee, you will need to select the Add a New Payee link and enter the new payee information. You should also delete the old payee.

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