Help - Download Account Detail

On this page you can download your account data in formats that are compatible with Quicken® and QuickBooks®. You can also download data in a format that is compatible with most spreadsheet programs.

Using the pull-down menu, select the Union Bank account from which you want to download data. The date range is prefilled for your convenience starting with the day after your last data download. Be sure to verify the dates to avoid duplicating data you've already downloaded. You can also change these dates if you wish. Select the file format that corresponds to your financial management software or spreadsheet program from the pull-down menu. Select Next to continue. To cancel this operation, select Cancel.
From which accounts can I download data?
You can download account data from any of your Union Bank checking, savings, or money market accounts that appear on your My Summary page.  You can also download data for your UnionBanc Investment Services Portfolio Connection account.
How far back can I download account data?
You can download up to 18 months of data. Your initial transaction data may be limited to 90 days.
Do I need special software to download account data?
You can download your account data to the three latest versions of the following software:
  • Quicken
  • QuickBooks
What if I can't find the data file that I downloaded?
If you can't find the data file that you downloaded to your computer both the Windows and Macintosh operating systems have a Find File function that helps you locate files. You can search by the file name or by the date you downloaded the data to locate your missing file.
How can I correct duplicate data in my software program?
If you accidentally download data that you've downloaded previously follow these simple steps to delete the duplicate items:
  • Locate the duplicate item in your account register.
  • Highlight the item in the register by clicking on it.
  • An Edit button should appear to the right or left of the item. Select Edit and then select Delete/Cut Transaction.
  • If an Edit button does not appear right click on the item with your mouse and select Delete/Cut Transaction.
Why won’t my Quicken or QuickBooks software, or properly download my account information?
If you provided one of these services with your online banking User ID and Password such services obtain your account information from Union Bank is not able to support these services. Such services use their own scripts to get the account information. Please be aware that if you provide your User ID and Password to services other than Union Bank you do so at your own risk. The security of these services is beyond the control of Union Bank.

A more reliable and secure way to download your account data to Quicken or QuickBooks is to log on to, go to Account Services and select Download Account Detail.

If you use Union Bank Online Banking with Quicken or QuickBooks and require support for Direct Connect you can seek assistance through Intuit’s help resources or you may contact us at 1-800-238-4486.
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