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On this page you can add a company or individual as a payee. Simply provide the information requested and select Add Payee. To cancel this operation, select Cancel.

What is the payee account number?
The payee account number is your account number with the payee, not your Union Bank account number. You will find the account number on your bill.

What if there is no account number?
If you are paying an individual, there probably is no account number. You can enter "none" or just enter your phone number, so the payee can call you if needed.

What is the payee nickname?
You can give your payee a nickname for your convenience, for example, Phone Bill or Visa Card. Nicknames are optional.

Can I pay my Union Bank mortgage or loan via Bill Pay?
Yes. To make payments to a Union Bank loan or line of credit, select Pay Union Bank Loan or Line of Credit and follow the instructions to add Union Bank as a payee.

Can I edit or delete a Union Bank payee?
Not in most cases. Because we know the payee information for Union Bank mortgages and loans, we usually don't offer the edit or delete options. You can however change the nickname of any payee; go to Account Services and select Nickname Accounts.

When can I start making payments to my new payee?
Your new payee will be added to your payee list immediately, so you can start making payments via Bill Pay right away.

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