Help - Activate a Debit/ATM Card

This process allows you to activate your debit/ATM card after you have received it in the mail. To activate a card, select the card you want to activate, enter the expiration date from the front of the card, then enter the three-digit security code from the back of the card. Once you have activated your card, you can use it immediately.
Where is the three-digit security code?
The security code is the last three digits printed in the white section where you provide your signature on the back of your card.
Which card number should I select?
Select the card number on the screen that matches the last four digits on the front of your card.
Why do I need to activate my card?
The card cannot be used until it is activated. Also, we ask you to activate your card as a security measure to prevent unauthorized use of your new card. When you activate your card, we take measures to ensure that it is you activating the card, not someone else.
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