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This year is historic for Union Bank: We mark our 150th anniversary.

Of course, what often passes for "history" these days can be made at the speed of a keystroke, only to fade just as quickly. But the Union Bank legacy is different. It's substantive. It's been earned. It's been built – on 150 years of doing right for customers, communities, and colleagues.

It's been that way since our beginning. William Ralston established our predecessor bank in San Francisco in 1864 on the notion that success begins with close customer relationships. Built on trust and loyalty – tenets of responsible banking – these relationships endure the test of time.

Much has changed over the past 150 years, but the principles that guide our behaviors and the way we do business haven't. We still embrace relationship banking and responsible banking. They mattered in our earliest days, they matter today, and we understand they must matter always. They're our foundation.

Entering our next 150 years, we'll draw on the wisdom, experience, and inspiration of those who helped guide Union Bank from birth to where we are today. They've helped us build a very special bank.

And we’ll continue to build. We're prepared for growth. Indeed, we've never been better positioned to make a positive difference for the customers and communities we serve, and for the colleagues who report to work every day to serve them. We look forward to the next chapter in our remarkable history as we look toward the next 150 years.

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