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Union Bank is dedicated to improving the environment, and contributing through the power of our financing is an important aspect of our commitment. For over 20 years, Union Bank has supported companies that provide recycling technologies and waste minimization solutions with the financing they need to grow, and in doing so we expand our combined vision for a more sustainable environment.

In 2011 Union Bank expanded our Environmental Services Group from a niche interest to a national program with 55 core industry relationships and credit commitments totaling more than $1.1 billion. Combined with other waste and recycling relationships throughout Union Bank, our collective commitment to the environment through these programs currently totals over $1.5 billion.

Union Bank is one of only a few banks dedicated to financing recycling processing facilities, thereby supporting the recycling of items such as plastics, glass, metals, electronics, used oil and solvents, green waste (garden organics), and organic waste. Financing these processing facilities helps us achieve our goal of supporting companies and industries that divert waste from landfills. Additional areas of financing include collection fleets powered by clean burning fuels including compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG).

For more information about our financing solutions, contact Doug Spiro, VP & Business Development Manager, at (818) 316-3143 or