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Resource Conservation

At Union Bank® we are committed to helping to create a healthier world. We actively track our resource consumption and continually look for ways to reduce our use. Here are some of the many ways in which we work to positively impact the environment.

Energy Conservation

Electricity usage accounts for close to 30% of our carbon footprint. As such, we have focused on reducing our electricity usage within the bank by conducting energy audits on our largest buildings and implementing the results that drive the most energy savings including:
  • Installing building management systems
  • Installing more efficient HVAC units
  • Upgrading building chiller units

Water Conservation

We conserve water by:

  • Installing ‘smart watering systems’ that reduce the amount of watering required for landscaping
  • Upgrading evaporative cooling towers
  • Assessing landscape requirements

Waste Minimization

We have several initiatives to help mitigate the amount of waste we create including:
  • A comprehensive waste management program to reduce the amount of waste we send to landfills
  • An electronic waste program that prioritizes recycling or reusing electronic equipment
  • A document retention and destruction policy to ensure nearly all of the paper used in the course of our business is recycled
  • Giving reusable travel mugs to our employees
  • Reducing internal paper reports and the elimination of mail courier deliveries
  • Adopting paperless document transmission and storage systems
  • Offering our customers electronic statement-only accounts, online banking, online statements, and remote deposit services