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Workforce Demographics

Our Workforce

Workforce and Workplace

At Union Bank, diversity is a respect and appreciation for all the ways we are both similar and different including generation, ability, race and gender. We are committed to recruiting, hiring, developing, promoting, and retaining a diverse and multidimensional workforce capable of meeting the ever-changing expectations of the marketplace.
Our workforce reflects the multicultural communities we serve. Union Bank workforce demographics include the following:
  • Around 60 percent women
  • Over 54 percent people of color
  • Over 55 percent of senior leaders are women or people of color
Furthermore, we are committed to partnering with professional development and community organizations that will help us achieve our goal of hiring and building relationships with potential employees such as:
  • Asian Professional Exchange (APEX)
  • Global Organization for Leadership and Diversity (GOLD)
  • Hire a Hero
  • MatchBridge
  • National Black MBA Association
  • National Society of Hispanic MBAs
  • Verbum Dei High School Corporate Work Study Program
One way we engage our employees is via our Employee Resource Group (ERG) Program. ERGs are bank-recognized groups open to all employees who share a common identity, characteristic, or affiliation. They reinforce our commitment to valuing and leveraging Diversity & Inclusion, provide support to employees, build awareness of diverse cultures and communities and function as a resource to various bank departments and functions. At Union Bank, we draw on our ERGs for purposes such as marketing, product and business development, recruitment and community outreach.
We have groups chartered around race, generation, gender identity and sexual orientation.