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Investing in our communities. See our CSR Report.

Community Outreach

Corporate Social Responsibility’s Community Outreach group partners with local community-based organizations in low- and moderate- income communities.

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Local Heroes Program

Diversity is our heritage. For more than 16 years, our Local Heroes Heritage Month program has recognized outstanding leaders in diverse communities

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Community Service Action Plan

The Community Service Action Plan targets seven key areas for support and services: affordable housing, banking services, community outreach, corporate contributions, low-income consumer loans, small business loans and assistance, and supplier diversity.

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My Giving

The My Giving program is a resource allowing our colleagues to set all their giving and volunteering in motion.

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Union Bank Community Development Finance

Union Bank Community Development Finance makes loans and investments in affordable housing throughout the United States. Its developments serve low- to moderate- income populations, providing housing and services for working families and individuals with specialized financial needs such as farm workers, the homeless, and seniors.
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