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Jewish Heritage Month 2015 - San Diego

Jewish Heritage Month

As part of Union Bank Heritage Month celebrations, we are proud to sponsor the Local Heroes Awards and to honor various individuals for their positive contributions and influence they have made to the Jewish American community.

Congratulations to our 2015 Local Heroes of the Year:

        Robin Rady
        Founder and CEO

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A former elementary school teacher, Robin Rady, Metugo, Founder & CEO was diagnosed with breast cancer and the BRCA2 gene mutation. Her treatment consisted of a bilateral mastectomy, another surgery for a complication, a hysterectomy, two reconstructive surgeries, physical therapy and lots of medication. She was overwhelmed with the reports, paperwork and records of all the treatments and appointments. She organized her “medical life” into a binder that she could take with her on her journey through the medical maze of her life. Ms. Rady transformed her version of the binder into a truly organized breast cancer patient binder. In 2012 after her recovery, as her way of giving back, she created the metugo® organizer, specifically designed for newly diagnosed breast cancer patients. She rallied family and friends to volunteer to help meet the growing need for the “hope in a binder.” By the end of this year, it is estimated that she will have provided more than 1,000 organizers to newly diagnosed breast cancer patients. In 2014 Ms. Rady was named San Diego Business Journal Health Care Champion and was a San Diego Business Journal Women Who Mean Business finalist.

        Virginia Gordon
        Outreach Coordinator 
        J Street San Diego 

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Since 2012, Virginia Gordon has been J Street San Diego's Co-Coordinator and helped build a new 1500 member chapter of 40 activists. Her role includes: overseeing policy recruiting, training and managing new leadership, fundraising, advocating J Street positions in 5 Congressional Districts and representing the chapter at national events.

She has 40 years' experience in grassroots community and labor organizing, fundraising, and electoral politics, including serving on President Barak Obama's 2008 presidential campaign. Ms. Gordon has held leadership positions on foundation boards and raised over $2 million for health care, education, peace building and advocacy. Her Middle East activism began in 1983 when she developed philanthropic campaigns in New York and Boston to support Israeli-Palestinian peace projects.

Ms. Gordon holds a master’s in electrical engineering from the University of Southern California, and conducts educational research at University of California at San Diego (UCSD). Her work at UCSD includes serving as a researcher on the Fifth Dimension site at Torrey Pines Elementary. She and her husband, filmmaker/professor Robert Hooper, and have one daughter. In 2013 they traveled to Tunisia to learn about the origins of the Arab Spring.

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