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Cybercrime Cost Business $450 Billion Last Year

Safeguard Your Business With Webroot SecureAnywhere®

With business email compromise and financial transaction fraud on the rise, taking action to protect your business has never been more important.

Committed to helping to provide your business a safe online experience, Union Bank has partnered with the market leader in cybersecurity to offer customers Webroot SecureAnywhere®. The next generation antivirus, Webroot SecureAnywhere® helps to provide businesses the protection they need in today’s evolving threat landscape.

Timely Threat Protection
Webroot SecureAnywhere® is specifically designed to help block financially targeted malware. With real-time detection and highly accurate collective threat intelligence, it helps to protect both PCs and Macs from phishing scams, Trojans, and spyware designed to steal your business’s financial information. With scans completed in seconds and deep scans completed in minutes, Webroot SecureAnywhere® was built to help detect and eliminate threats before they occur.

Webroot SecureAnywhere® Features
  • Provides real-time detection of today’s latest malware via cloud-based collective threat intelligence
  • Proactively inspects URLs for malicious web content and blocks fake websites
  • Warns you when you are exposed to phishing scams or when you enter an unsafe website
  • Works silently in the background to protect your credentials and information from theft
For more information about Webroot SecureAnywhere® and to download the software, select Supplemental Security Software in the Other Products and Services section after you log into the Financial Center. Please note that you will need to download the software to each computer you want to protect. Installing Webroot software is as simple as two steps. You may need to contact your IT system administrator to get permission to install the software. Should you need product support, please contact Webroot directly here.

• Helps protect your financial information
• Compatible with existing security
• Updates automatically via cloud