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Verification of Deposit/Lending Requests

Request a Verification of Deposit/Lending - Commercial

MUFG Union Bank, N.A. ("Bank"), and Bank affiliates, including UnionBanc Investment Services, LLC ("UBIS"),###DISCLAIMER:2_0 UBIS 4 - UBIS Only### a registered broker-dealer and a subsidiary of Bank, customers, and third-party client(s) may request account rating, account verification, account confirmation, and account reverification services for the following account types:
  • Commercial accounts and loans
  • Small business accounts and loans
  • Investment (UBIS) accounts
Verification of Lending Requests may experience longer process times (exceeding two business days), due to specialized handling.

We provide two different options.

1. Online Audit Confirmations
We have partnered with Capital Confirmation Inc. to provide CPAs and our mutual customers with a secure online solution for Domestic Depository and Commercial account confirmation. Some of the benefits of using include:
  • Streamlines the audit confirmation process
  • Decreases the number of reconfirmations
  • Protects client information
Requests are submitted to us electronically through Capital Confirmation Inc. A fee for this service is charged to the auditor. The auditor may or may not pass the service fee to the requestor. To learn more or to register for this service, go to or call 1-866-325-7201 (Customer Support for Capital Confirmation Inc.).

2. You can utilize our services below.

Request Types
Commercial Account Rating — Businesses extending credit for purchases or lines of credit.
Certified Public Accountants — CPAs requesting account information for their business clients and/or government agencies such as cities, counties, and state governments on a specific date.
Instructions/Guidelines for making a Verification of Deposit/Lending Request.###DISCLAIMER:2_0 PDF VOD###

Frequently Asked Questions
Verification of Deposit/Lending Request Form
Fax form to: 1-714-985-5936.

Download Verification of Deposit/Lending Request form (pdf).1

Quality Control Reverification Request Form
Fax form to: 1-714-985-5936.

Download Quality Control Reverification request form (pdf).1

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Call 1-800-238-4486 for assistance.

Requests outside of the U.S.