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Verification of Deposit for Government Agencies

Verification of Deposit Request for government agencies such as cities, counties, and state governments. The following information can be verified:
  • Account Number
  • Account Status (open or closed)
  • Account Type (e.g., Checking, Savings, MoneyMarket)
  • Balance
  • Balance on Specific Date up to 24 Months Back (upon request)
  • Interest Paid Year to Date
  • Account Close Date (if applicable)
  • Collateral letter
To submit a request, follow the guidelines listed below. 
  1. Submit your request by fax to (714) 985-5936.
  2. Or, send your request by mail to:
  3. Union Bank
    Mail Code: V03-955
    P.O. Box 512380
    Los Angeles, CA 90051
Please note: A Union Bank Verification of Deposit form is not needed if you have already been provided one by a third party requestor. All forms must be signed and dated in order to be processed. A processing fee will be charged to your account.

Our Verification of Deposit process was developed to meet industry requirements. Responses contain only the information indicated above and cannot include any additional information you may have asked for on your request.

Please note: Union Bank does not directly respond to requests for credit ratings on consumer loan products, as this information can be obtained from credit reporting agencies.
Fax Verification of Deposit
Request form to
Download Verification of Deposit Request form (pdf).
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Download Quality Control Reverification request form (pdf).
Fax Quality Control
Reverification Request form to

Call 1-800-238-4486 for assistance.

Requests outside of the U.S.

Other request types