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Measure your portfolio's performance and monitor its risk using our comprehensive and consolidated performance analytics services.

Performance Measurement and Reporting Services

Union Bank provides access to a powerful and convenient performance utility, that delivers timely and detailed portfolio analytics:
  • Analyze portfolio returns according to investment decisions, asset allocation, market exposure, and other attributes
  • Receive comprehensive portfolio performance reporting as well as individual investment results
  • Access comparison reports utilizing indices and benchmark analysis
  • View detailed comparison by total portfolio, asset class, investment style, and manager
  • Easily determine if the investment strategy performed is based on expected results 
  • Quantify value added by portfolio manager
  • Meet Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS) calculation standards###DISCLAIMER:2_0 Performance Solution Option###
  • Receive timely email alerts of policy violations###DISCLAIMER:2_0 Performance Solution Option###

Monitor Investment Results and Manage Risk

Meet your fiduciary and compliance obligations:
  • Compare, analyze, and understand risk analysis and management
  • Monitor your portfolio for compliance
  • Evaluate risk at the asset class, industry sector, investment style, and individual security level
  • Understand risk exposure from securities as well as futures, forwards, and swaps

Additional Online Support for Your Portfolio

Access your custody accounts 24/7 with Online Trust & Custody, our web-based account information management service.

To see how Online Trust & Custody can work for you, visit our demo.
tcm:9-41796 To learn more about our performance measurement and risk management services expertise, call 1-800-490-8262.
Union Bank SmartPort
SmartPort® provides online access to accounting, compliance, risk, and performance information.